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If I am a notary public in a state other than Virginia, may I join Notarize as an agent?

At present, the Commonwealth of Virginia is the only state to allow remote electronic notarization. However, it is our ultimate goal to modernize the national notary industry and we hope to enable notary agents across the country to participate on our platform. If you are a notary agent from a state other than Virginia and are interested in bringing remote notarization to your state, please contact us at to register your interest.

I am a Virginia Notary Public, may I join Notarize as an agent?

Yes, Notarize is open to any commissioned electronic notary public agent in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are interested in becoming an agent on Notarize, apply to become a Notarize agent here.

How do I become an Electronic Notary Public in Virginia?

To become an Electronic Notary Public in Virginia, you must first become a commissioned traditional notary public agent. Learn more here. Once a commissioned notary public agent, you must then purchase a valid X509 security certificate and subsequently apply with the Commonwealth of Virginia to elevate your status to an Electronic Notary Public. Learn more here.

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