There are unique ID requirements defined by the US Postal Service for completing the Form PS1583.

Two forms of unexpired ID are required:

  • At least one ID must match the address you will be using in boxes 7a to 7d.
  • At least one ID must contain a photograph of the addressee (this is you if you are the signer of the form).

Acceptable forms of ID (when current and unexpired):

  • Valid Driver’s License or State Non-Driver’s Identification Card
  • Passport, Alien Registration Card or Certificate of Naturalization
  • Current Lease, Mortgage or Deed of Trust (NOT a Mortgage Statement/Bill)
  • Voter or Vehicle Registration Card 
  • Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy (NOT a Statement/Bill)
  • Military ID

The following IDs are NOT accepted for notarizing this document:

  • Social Security Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Birth Certificates 
  • Bank Statements
  • Water/Utility Bills
  • Mortgage Bill and Bank Statement

Please note that these requirements are specifically outlined under boxes 8a and 8b on the 1583 itself as seen below:

In order for Notarize to complete your document, all of the above requirements must be satisfied.

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