We understand how valuable it can be to remove the mystery from the notarization process. With the convenience of Notarize for Business, you no longer have to wonder if your customer has left their house, is en route to the notary, has just inked the document, etc. Find out what stage your customer is in simply by logging into your Notarize account!


You can access your customer's transaction activity at any time by logging into your Notarize for Business account and clicking on the status.


The transaction history tab lists your customer's most recent activity at the top of the page and moves chronologically back to the oldest activity at the bottom of the page. Below is a list of quick definitions for each status:

Completed - The documents have been signed and notarized by your customer!
Attempted - Expands to show details of any issues your customer may have encountered during the ID Verification process or notary video call.
In Progress - Expands to show details of when your customer begins the ID Verification process or has started a video call with one of our notaries.
Viewed - The "LET'S GO" button from your transaction email has been clicked.
Received - The transaction access email has been opened.
Active - Your transaction has been successfully created!
Draft - You have not sent your transaction.

Learn more about using transaction history to make decisions about re-engaging your customers for quicker transaction turnaround...

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