Historically, you’ve been required to visit a US Embassy or military base. As most people discover overseas, these are often difficult to locate. They also require an appointment and there can often been a multi-week wait to see a notary public. When you’re buying a home or completing another of life’s most important transactions, the delay in seeing a notary public overseas can be a deal breaker.

Notarize solves this problem.

You can now notarize your documents entirely online by connecting with a commissioned eNotary public by live video. You can now skip the hassle of finding a notary public and connect with one online from any iPhone, iPad or computer via Firefox or Chrome 24×7.

The next time you’re looking for a notary overseas, connect with one online instead!

  1. Download the App or Register Online.
  2. Upload any document, but DON’T SIGN IT before uploading it. You must sign before the notary public.
  3. Fill out the document using Notarize’s digital tools.
  4. Validate your identity.
  5. When ready, press to connect with a notary public. You’ll be connected in a live video call with a licensed notary public in less than three minutes, 24×7.
  6. Sign using your iPhone or Computer as the notary public watches over live video.
  7. Wait as the notary public notarizes your document online (typically less than one minute)
  8. You’re done! Download your notarized PDF.
  9. Print it or share it online.

On average, our entire process takes less than 5 minutes. We hope you’ll join the countless happy customers who have notarized their documents online with us.

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