Whether you upload a document directly or use a Template, it's important to fill out as many blank fields as possible before you send to your signer. Annotations will allow you to pre-fill custom fields with important info so your signer doesn't have to! Here's how...


Once you've completed the Transaction Details, click Continue to prepare your document.

  1. Click on the document
  2. Select the appropriate annotation type
  3. Click and drag your annotation to move your annotation in place
  4. Click and drag the lower right-hand corner to resize checkmarks, signature flags, and initial flags.


  • Signer Name - Add automatic text for your signer's name
  • Your Name - Add automatic text for your name
  • Checkmark - Check off applicable boxes on a form
  • Text - Type custom text
  • Today's Date - Add today's date (this will automatically update when your signer notarizes the document)
  • "Sign here" - Flag signature fields so your signer can easily identify where to place their signature
  • "Initials here" - Flag initial fields so your signer can easily identify where to place their initials

Note: Avoid placing annotations in the notary portion of the document. This information should be filled in by one of our notaries during the video call with your signer.


  • No Field Left Blank - Notarize tamper seals every notarized document. This means that back-filling blank spaces once the document is notarized will compromise the validity of a notarized document. If it's a general form and something doesn't apply, type "N/A". Otherwise, make sure you fill it in before sending to the signer or confirm that your signer will know how to fill it in during the notary video call.
  • Signer Annotations - Sometimes you just might not have all the information you need... that's where Signer Annotations come into play. Make sure you leave these ON (green) so your signer can fill in whichever fields you may need to leave blank.

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