You may be catching up on client documentation or maybe your business just has high volume. Either way, it'd be nice to send a standard document to all those customers at once, right? You can... with Batch Transactions!


Contact our Sales team to get your account set up, and try Batch Transactions for yourself. If you already have an account, reach out to to request access to this feature.


1. Log into your account at
2. Click the green New Transaction button
3. Select Batch Transaction from the dropdown
4. Type a neutral Transaction Name (ex. ABC Company Power of Attorney)
5. Upload your standard document
6. Set Annotation Tools and Secondary ID Required
    *We recommend keeping Annotation tools toggled to ON (green)
7. Click Continue to Prepare Your Document so that it generally applies to all recipients
8. Click Continue and upload your CSV file

*Your CSV file should include a complete list of up to 250 signers who will receive this transaction. Your columns should be titled: FirstName, LastName, Email, and ExternalID (External ID field is optional)
9. Confirm that the preview reflects the correct number of signers and their information
10. Click Continue and select your preferred method of sending the transactions
11. Click Continue and review your transaction details
12. Click the green button to send or create your transactions!


There are two options for sending batch transactions:

  • Send with Notarize - Notarize will automatically send an email notification to all signers. You can optionally include a personalized message and signature.
  • Download transaction access links (Advanced) - Download an updated CSV File with transaction links to use however you would like (i.e. Mailchimp, Hubspot, SalesForce, etc).


Here’s how successful customers might start using Batch Transactions today and how you could be working more efficiently:

  • School or student organization permission slips – Send permission slips to all of your students or parents at once, and maintain an electronic record of each so you’ll always have access to a copy, even when you’re traveling.
  • Notarized background or driving histories – If you’re onboarding a number of new employees or volunteers, send a standard form, like a CORI, to everyone before their first day.
  • Settlement lawsuit claims – Send the proper forms to known affected customers via email.
  • Notarized guarantor forms – Property managers can save time by sending guarantor forms in batches, instead of creating a new transaction for each renter.
  • Investor forms – Make it easy for your investors to complete and return notarized forms for your business saving time and energy.


If you have an in-house developer (or maybe you are a developer) ask about our API!

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