Your clients can easily connect with one of our notaries right from their smartphone. They will go through a set of necessary steps before connecting with one of our online notaries. Here's a step-by-step overview:

1. Once the transaction is sent, your client will receive an email from The email will be complete with a link to be directed to their documents within our app. *If the Notarize app is not downloaded to their phone already, they will first be directed to the app store to download our app directly.

2. Once our app is open, they will be prompted to enter their email address and create a new password. The following screen will appear with a list of requirements to move forward. When they are ready, they will select "Let's Get Started".

3. The signer will then be asked to fill in some personal details. This includes name, date of birth, and their address. *Note that this must be a US address. 

4. They will then have a chance to review and prepare their document. If there are any fields that the signer needs to fill out, they may do so by tapping directly on the document and adding annotations. They will just need to hold off on the signature, as the notary will need to witness that! When they are done reviewing, they will select "Done".

5a. Next, the signer will need to verify their identity. They will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of their US SSN. Based on the personal details provided earlier combined with their SSN, the system will generate a set of multiple-choice security questions that only the signer should be able to answer. For security reasons, the signer will only have 2 minutes to complete the questions.

The second step in verifying their identity is to capture an image of their photo ID, both front and back. The ID must be a valid, unexpired, government issued photo ID.

6a. Now, it's time to connect to one of our notaries! If your company is covering the cost of notarization, they will not see the cost message. They will simply select "Let's Get Started".

6b. They must allow permissions for our app to access their camera and microphone, that way the notary can see and hear them during the time of signing. Once enabled, our system will also test their connection to ensure it is strong enough to withhold the audio-video recording.

7. After the notary picks up the call, the notary will ask the signer a set of questions to ensure they understand the contents of the document and that they are signing under their own free will. The notary will direct the signer to sign in the spaces provided. The signer will be able to use their finger on-screen to draw their signature.

8. Following the completed notarization, the notary will end the call. Your signer will see a confirmation screen that their documents have been completed. Again, if your company is covering the cost of the notarization, they will not see this message about payment details.
They will also see a list of options to choose from in order to either download or share their completed document!

What to expect on your end following the transaction:

Congratulations! Your client has successfully signed and had their documents notarized. The title company admin and the creator of the transaction will be notified via email that the transaction has been completed. There will be a link in the email with a direct link to the completed documents. 

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