As a Title Agent, you have the option to choose when your clients are able to sign by selecting the signing schedule. You have two options; a date window or a scheduled signing. Here's what that means:

  1. Flexible Closing Window
    Your client will be able to go through the online closing process at any time that is convenient for them within a window of your choosing. *Note that closing the window can be open-ended. An expiration date is not required if you do not feel the need for one. 

2. Scheduled Closing Date
You'll want to choose this option if there is only one day that your clients can join a meeting with a notary to close on their property. They won't be able to join a meeting prior to the date that you select and if they miss it, they will no longer have access to this transaction.

Once the order has been placed, you can view a summary of the details of the transaction. You'll notice the transaction activation and expiration. These dates will line up with the dates you've selected for the signing schedule: 

Your clients will be able to review their documents before the activation date, but they will not be able to sign in front of a notary until the transaction is activated. 

Your clients will not be able to sign the documents once the transaction has expired.

The transaction activation and expiration dates can be adjusted by recalling the transaction. This will put the transaction back into a draft state and will be resent to your clients once it is updated!

Available To:

  • Title Agency Users

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