In order for Notarize to verify the signer's identity, they will need the following:

  • US Social Security Number
  • Government issued photo ID from the following list:
              U.S. State Issued Driver’s License
              U.S. State Issued Photo ID
              U.S. Passport Book
              Certificate of US citizenship
              Certificate of Naturalization
              Foreign Passport
              Military ID
              Alien Registration Card with Photo

To ensure the Notarize platform will operate as expected, the signer will need to connect from:

  • A valid email address
  • A device with audio and video capabilities.
    *This can be a computer (Windows or Mac operating system) with a webcam, an Apple mobile device (such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), or an Android mobile device (tablet or smartphone)
  •  One of the supported browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari (on web) or the Notarize app on their mobile device
  • A strong internet connection

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