Setting Up a Power of Attorney Transaction

Once you have created an account you will need to upload your document. You will select the “Connect with a Notary” option and upload your document. 

(Please also upload your Power of Attorney for the person you will be signing for).

  1. After you upload your document you will be prompt to enter the signer’s name. You will need to enter your name here. 

(If the document only requires one signer you will skip to step 4 and stop after step 4)

 2.  If you are signing the document as yourself and also signing on behalf of another signer you will need to select “add a second signer” .                                

3. Here you will enter YOUR NAME  again and hit submit. (Your signature will be altered once in the meeting with the notary to reflect you are signing on behalf of someone else)     

 4.  After you review the document and go through the internet, camera and microphone tests you will reach the identity confirmation section. Here you will verify identity. 

Once you are done verifying your identity it will ask you to take a photo of your ID.

5. Once you are done you will see the "Start Identity Verification" screen again with your name on it . This is not an error. You will repeat the same exact process you just did as yourself again.

After you are done verifying yourself for the 2nd time and taking photos of the same IDs,  you will be connected to the notary.

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