*Note: This feature is currently in a Beta release. We're polishing off some finishing touches and will announce our final general release via our blog.

Whether your signers are together or located in entirely different towns/states/countries, you can create a single transaction for your document package to be completed by all. Here's how:

Step 1

Use the "+ Add Additional Signer" link to add each new signer

After adding your first signer, use the blue "+ Add Additional Signer" option to enter the next signer's name and email address. Once you're finished adding all the signers to your transaction, complete the remaining transaction details and move on to the document preparation stage.

Step 2

*Note: If you're using Notarize's Closing Concierge services, skip to Step 3.

Click on the document to reveal electronic signature flag options

Each signer will automatically have an eSign Consent form set up with signature flags for them. All you need to do is address the empty fields on your document with electronic signature flags for your signers to fulfill.

  • Click on the document to reveal your annotation tools
  • Apply electronic signature flags and use the downward carrot to change which signer is responsible for signing there

Step 3

Signers will receive an email
All signers will receive an email with the closing date and a link to their Notarize dashboard. All signers who are located in the same place will be able to complete the document package using the same device and same video meeting with the notary. Only one signing session can be active at a time; any signers who attempt to complete their portion of the document while another is in the process of meeting with a notary will receive a message to return later.

Step 4

Once all signers have applied their eSignatures, all Contacts listed on the transaction will be notified of its completion!


What do I do if I'm not seeing the "+ Add Additional Signer" option?
You may not have access to this feature based on your subscription tier, account type, or beta program enrollment. Reach out to Support@notarize.com for next steps on getting access to this feature.

What happens if I use the same email address for multiple signers?
Signers who share the same email address will need to share a signing session and will only be able meet with a notary using the same device at the same time.

How should I prepare my clients for this process?
All signers should be prepared with the standard requirements for remote online notarization (see more specifics here). They should each also provide their own email addresses to ensure that all signers have maximum flexibility for completing their portion of the documents at their own convenience.

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