What does my signer need in order to close online?

  1. A device with audio/video capabilities
  2. A current or previous U.S. address of residence
  3. A U.S. Social Security Number
    *This is used in combination with the signer's full legal name and U.S. Address of Residence to query public record and credit history in order to complete Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA). Signers may need a minimum of 2 years of credit history in order to generate KBA questions.
  4. A valid and unexpired form of government-issued photo ID from this list
  5. A location that is well-lit and has a strong wifi or direct connection
    *Signers should expect to be present and unencumbered for the full signing session. They cannot be driving.

Signers are encouraged to review all documents before a signing session with a notary takes place. They are encouraged to reach out and communicate with the Title Agency or Lender point of contacts on the transaction. Notarize makes sure these contacts are easily available to the signer within the transaction email.

Before a notary session signers should double check: Correct spelling of their name, address details, and numbers and figures are accurate.

Which browsers are supported for an online closing?

Firefox version 2.0 or greater or Chrome version 1.2 or greater are supported, as well as Edge and Safari. We do not support Internet Explorer.

Can my signer use a smartphone or tablet?

Yes! Notarize offers apps for iOS and Android devices.

What about Spanish-speakers?

Notarize supports signer(s) and witnesses who communicate in English and Spanish. If signer(s) are Spanish speakers this must be communicated in advance of the Closing Day to Notarize Closing Operations so that Notarize can provide you the current Spanish Notary hours of availability.


If witnesses are required, Notarize will inform your signers to make sure they are available for at least the initial 10-15 minutes of the signing session. Notarize Notaries cannot act as a Witness. Witnesses must be able to communicate with a Notarize notary in English (unless Spanish speaking accommodations have been pre-established for the signing session).

What should I do if there are more than two signers for a closing?

If 2 signers are required for a documentation package, they should be prepared to sign in the session together and should provide a separate email address for each signer. Should both signers be unable to sign together using the same device, Notarize Closing Operations should be notified right away.

In a scenario where both signers are unable to sign together using the same device, the primary signer should expect to sign the document package first. After the notary session is complete, Closing Operations will re-prep the document package for Signer #2. The second signer should expect to start the signing session about 30 minutes after the first signer has completed the notary meeting.

What can I do about a closing that's set for a Sunday?

If the documentation package has a Closing Date which lands on a Saturday. Notarize Notary Operations is available for the signers from 8am - 7pm. Please make sure signers allow themselves enough time to review and complete all documents.

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