If you've recently changed your name and it no longer matches the ID you're using for identity verification purposes, you will have to provide a secondary ID that reflects your new name. 

Your primary ID can have your former name, so long as your secondary ID has your current name. 

Here is a list of of IDs that you can use as secondary IDs:

  1. Social Security Card
  2. Government Issued Visa
  3. Birth Certificate 
  4. Non-US/ Canadian Driver License
  5. Most Recent Signed Tax Returns
  6. Property Tax Bill
  7. Voter Registration Card
  8. Organizational Member Card
  9. Bank/ Investment/ Loan Statements
  10. Paycheck Stub with Name
  11. Most Recent W-2 Form
  12. Home/ Car/ Renter's Insurance Papers
  13. Recent Utility Bill

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