Enter the property address associated with the transaction you're setting up. The smart routing details in your account settings will determine the property's eligibility for an online closing. 

  • An Online Closing connects your client with a notary via live video chat, while they electronically sign and have their closing package notarized.
    *Cost: $150.00 flat rate for seller side/cash buyer transactions. Price of lender initiated transactions may vary.
    If an online closing is not available, check in with your underwriter and/or county recorder for more information. 
  • A Hybrid Closing allows for certain documents to be eSigned only on Notarize. Documents that require notarization are to be completed with a traditional, in-person notary. Please note that Notarize is not responsible for organizing in-person notarization details for this transaction type.
    *Cost: $10.00 
  • A Standard Online Notarization is for one-off document scenarios, such as completing a Power of Attorney or a deed.
    *Cost: $35.00, which includes one document and one seal. Each additional seal will cost $7.00.

*Standard pricing may vary depending on your subscription tier or lender relationship.

Available To:

  • Title Agency Users

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