The first step to placing an order is to enter the property address associated with your transaction. Notarize takes the property address and compares it to the smart routing details in your account: States of Operation & Underwriters
To ensure the eligibility tool works as designed, please navigate to your account settings and make sure all smart routing details are selected.

If a property is eligible for a full remote online closing, you'll see the options below:

If the property is not eligible for a full remote online closing, you'll see the following:

Troubleshooting a non-eligible closing:

  1. Return to your account settings to make sure all smart routing details are complete and accurate.
  2. Verify that the property county is set up to eRecord. You may call the County Recorder directly or check their website.
  3. Reach out to your selected Underwriter. Adjusting the approval settings on an Underwriter's account is something we need to coordinate directly with the underwriter themselves. If you have an email or bulletin from the underwriting team evidencing that they will support the full online closing, please send it directly to our Title-Focused Customer Success team at

What you can do if you cannot proceed with the online closing:

  1. If the document is not going to be recorded, in most cases, the transaction may be set up as a Standard Online Notarization. A Standard Online Notarization may also be selected if you know the property's state has passed a bill to permit a certified paper printout of an electronic record to be recorded by a county which only records documents in paper format.
  2. Create a Hybrid Closing. A Hybrid Closing allows for certain documents to be eSigned only on Notarize. Documents that require notarization are to be completed with a traditional, in-person notary. Please note that Notarize is not responsible for organizing in-person notarization details for this transaction type.
  3. Seek traditional, in-person notarial services. We hope to be able to assist you soon!

Available To:

  • Title Agency Users

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