Notarize is designed to be on-demand for you and your client's convenience. Once your transaction is created and sent, it is up to your client to follow through with the next steps in order to connect with one of our notaries. 

If you're curious about the status of the transaction you've sent, you can stay updated by viewing the status listed to the right of the transaction details. 

Here are the possible transaction statuses and what they actually mean:

  • Sent: The transaction has been sent. Your client will receive an email from with a link to start their transaction. 
  • Received: Your client is in receipt of the transaction email. No action has been taken. 
  • Viewed: Your client clicked on the link in the transaction email and has viewed their transaction on the Notarize platform. No further action to proceed has been taken. 
  • In Progress: Your client is currently making their way through the Notarize platform. They are on their way to be connected with a notary (if they are not already)!
  • Attempted: Your client has attempted to connect with one of our notaries, but they have been unsuccessful in completing the transaction. *The reason for cancellation can be found under the history tab on the transaction details page.
  • Completed: The transaction is complete! You will be able to view and download the completed documents as long as there has been a successful payment. 

Additionally you can also click the > next to the transaction status to access full transaction details.

Still have questions? Click the blue bubble in the corner of your screen to start a chat with our customer support team or send us an email at!

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