How Much Does it Cost to Join?

Independent contractor notaries on the Notarize platform pay $0 in sign-up fees. You will have free access to our notary onboarding training, our transaction simulator, and your electronic stamp or seal.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

Payment for completed transactions is as follows:

  • Retail and Business Transactions: Notaries will receive $5 for their initial stamp or seal, and then $1 for each additional stamp or seal as required by the customer in a given transaction. These transactions are specifically transactions created by an individual user or business customer.
  • Real Estate Signing Transactions: Notaries will receive $25 for each completed real estate signing transaction. These transactions are initiated by or on behalf of a lender or title agent for a real estate signing session where all documents are eSigned and eNotarized.

Please note: Real estate signing transactions are not broadly available to independent contractor notaries due to the legal complexities of these transactions and additional lender, title company, or title agent requirements. Notarize is in the process of piloting real estate signing transactions with a limited group of independent contractor notaries. Notarize will reach out to additional independent contractor notaries as the pilot is expanded. Please do not reach out to Notarize to ask to handle real estate signing transactions.

How Do I Receive Payment?

Notarize is in the process of transitioning all payments to independent contractors from the current payment platform (Gusto) to Stripe Connect. All new and existing independent contractor notaries are required to sign up for Stripe Connect. Notarize will send out instructions to each notary on how to register for Stripe Connect.

When Will I Get Paid?

Independent contractor notaries are currently paid daily. We will soon have the ability for notaries to customize their payment frequency.

But How Much Will I Really Make?

Independent contractor notaries will initially handle our retail signers. Notaries handling our current retail traffic complete their meetings in 10 minutes, on average. That means you could potentially make upwards of $20-$40 per hour, though handling times will vary on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

To understand the other steps to take for joining the Notarize platform, please read this blog post.

The pricing structure mentioned above is subject to change.

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