When preparing the transaction you will want to ensure that the proper requirements are selected.

Select the proper requirements

Once you upload the document and add it to the transaction, there will be a set of requirements to the right of the document for you to choose from.

  • Notarization required
  • Signer can fill in document
  • Additional witness required

The requirements for notarization required and signer can fill in document will be pre-selected. If the pre-selected requirement is not applicable to the transaction, you can click on the blue box to unselect.

Please note:

  • If you want the document to go through our standard notarization workflow you will want to keep the requirement for notarization required selected.
  • If you want the signer to have the ability to pre-fill the document before the notary meeting, you will want to keep the fill in document requirement selected.
  • If the document requires an additional witness the signer will need to provide the witness(es), we do not provide them.
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