In 2012, the Commonwealth of Virginia adopted Virginia Code Sections 47.1 and following, allowing appropriately commissioned Virginia notaries to notarize documents where the signer appears before the notary via live audio-video technology.  In accordance with this law, Notarize is a remote electronic notary public platform that enables Virginia notaries to notarize documents for use in Virginia and in states across the country.   Every state provides legal authority for recognition and acceptance of common out-of-state notarizations, and our customers use documents notarized by our e-notaries in a host of cities and states. In addition to laws in each state recognizing and accepting common out-of-state notarizations, the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution may provide an additional basis for states to accept other states’ notarizations.

Documents notarized on the Notarize platform are electronically signed by the signer(s) and our notary. Certain states and public agencies have specific additional requirements and limitations for accepting electronically-signed documents and out-of-state notarizations, and not all documents may be electronically signed. For example, Notarize is not currently notarizing documents for use in Iowa. You should contact the agency that will receive your e-signed and e-notarized document to ensure your document will be acceptable for its intended use.  Of course, please reach out to us with any questions at

Resources to Share with the Receiving Party: 

Detailed instructions for verifying notarized documents are available here.
If you wish to determine the authenticity of a signature, download and install the certificate validation tool before opening the notarized document in your PDF reader.

State-Specific Resources are available here.
Each state has specific statutes providing for recognition and acceptance of key documents notarized by commissioned notaries in other states. 

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