Once your document is notarized, you will be granted access to  the following:


  • This is your notarized document, including the digital seal.

 Verification Instructions

  • This is a page that contains the necessary information for the receiving party to verify the transaction. Important information includes:
  •       Notarize ID
  •       Access Pin

 State Legal Info

  • A link to our web page outlining the laws governing online notarization in the state where you document(s) is intended for use. 

If you are the recipient of the document: 

To verify a notary transaction you may use this tool. You will need to provide the following pieces of information which will be in the body of the email provided by the signer of the document. 

  • Notarize ID
  • Access Pin

Once you’ve provided this information, you may click the “RETRIEVE DOCUMENT” button. You may then view the following resources:

  • Completed Documents (Ability to Download a PDF)
  • Notarization Details
  • Meeting Info

*More information and other tools are available here. 

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