👍Documents for Use Within the United States: 

Notarize is a remote electronic notary public platform that enables commissioned Virginia e-notaries, as authorized by Virginia law, to notarize documents for use in Virginia and in states across the country. Every state provides legal authority for recognition and acceptance of common out-of-state notarizations, including those from Virginia. We’ve put together an easy guide to such laws in each state, which can be found here.

👍Signing Documents While Outside of the United States:

If you have a valid United States Social Security Number and are currently traveling or living abroad, you may use Notarize to notarize documents for use in the United States. When you sign up, please use your current US address, your most recent US address, or a US address at which you resided for an extended period of time. To get started, click here.

👎Documents for Use Outside of the United States: 

Most foreign jurisdictions have special rules for accepting notarizations validly issued outside of their respective countries. Specifically, a certificate called an "apostille" must be issued by the state in which the e-notary is commissioned (Virginia, in this case). This apostille allows the foreign entity to authenticate the unexpired authority of the notary to perform the notarial act.  At this time, the Commonwealth of Virginia does not have in place the systems to provide authentications for electronically notarized documents; however, we are working with the Commonwealth to enable this capability shortly. If you'd like to follow our progress feel free to sign up for our blog on our site at www.notarize.com/blog/.

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