Once you’ve successfully verified your identity, you will see a box appear that explains that you will be charged $25 per seal and you will be connected to a commissioned notary public via live video call.  

  • Click “Accept Charges and Connect” to agree to the charges and connect to the notary public. 

a) The wait time is usually no more than a few minutes
b) If the wait time exceeds five minutes, please reach out to Customer Support.

  • The Notary will introduce him/herself.
  • The Notary will review your information, your photo ID, and the document as to which you would like your signature notarized. 

a) If the Notary is not able to proceed with the notarization, they will provide you with an explanation as to why the document may not be notarized by Notarize.

  • The Notary will ask you three legal questions. You will need to answer each of these questions. 
  1. Are you participating in today’s notarization freely and without coercion? 
  2. Do you understand the contents of the document you’re about to sign?
  3. Do you consent to using this electronic signature as your binding signature on this document?
  • If there is information on the document that needs to be filled in by you, the Notary will request that you use the tools on the website to fill in the information. The notary will explain how to digitally annotate the document.
  • If your document does not include notarial wording, the notary will ask you which type of notarization you need. You can find more information about types of notarizations here. The notary may not provide you with legal advice or advice on the type of notarization required. They may, however, provide you with the definitions for each type of notarization. 
  • The notary will provide you with instructions for signing the document. You will then use the Notarize tools to sign the document. 
  • The notary will then conclude the video call. 
  • You will be prompted to provide you payment information prior to retrieving your document. 
  • When the notarization is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve your notarized document. More information on notarized document retrieval is available here.
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