In a traditional paper-based notarization, you are required to travel to meet the notary public in person. This is so they may confirm your identity and witness as you sign your document.  With remote notarization via Notarize, you appear before a notary online by means of a live audio-video connection. Once you appear before the notary online, the notary then confirms your identity and performs the specified notarial act just as with a traditional, paper-based notarization, except that both you and notary sign using electronic tools.  

To get started with a remote notarization, you’ll need a few things:

  1. Create your Notarize account here. Instructions can be found here.
  2. The document that needs to be signed and notarized – don’t sign it yet! You’ll need to do so when connected with a notary. You can start with an electronic or paper copy — Notarize for iPhone helps you scan any paper document.
  3. An iPhone, iPad, Android mobile device, or computer (Windows or Mac) with a webcam and working audio.
  4. A good internet connection.
  5. Your photo ID (some documents may require two forms of ID; please check before starting the signing process)
  6. The last four digits of your SSN – it will be used to validate your identity.
  7. A credit card to pay the fee – you will only be charged after a successful notarization.

To connect with a notary public online right now, you can Download the Notarize App for iOS and Android or Register Online.

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