To “Take a Shift” from the desktop site:

1. Click on the shift you want to take, and the details box will open up on the right-hand side. Select “Take this shift.”

2. The next screen will ask you to confirm you want to take the shift. If you would like to take it, click “Yes, confirm this time.” If you not, click “Cancel.”

To Remove a Shift from the desktop:

If after you have taken a shift you decide you have changed your mind or something has come up, Click on the shifts and select “Unconfirm.” In the next screen, confirm you are unconfirming/removing yourself from the shift.

To “Take a Shift” from the mobile site:

Click the shift you want to take. Click ‘Take Shift.’ Confirm that you want to ‘Take Shift’ or ‘Cancel.’

If you decide that you no longer want to work a shift, click on the shift you want to release. Click Unassign. Shiftboard will ask you if you are sure, if you are vlick “Unassign” (or cancel if you prefer to keep the shift).

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