1. Log into your Notarize for Business Account here.
  2. Select Send + Manage from the top right of your dashboard.
  3. Click the Send New button and choose Notarization Request.

4. Name your transaction with something descriptive and recognizable.

5. Fill in your customer's information:

- First name
- Last name
- Email address

*If the document requires a second signer that is located in the same location as the primary signer, select 'Yes' when asked if the document requires an additional signer. Fill in their name.

6. Upload the document. Click in the box to upload the document or Drag and Drop a file. Accepted file types include PDF, DocX, HTML, and JPG. Maximum file size is 10 MB.

7. [Optional] Click anywhere on the document preview to use our digital annotation tools. Add “Sign Here” or “Initial Here” flags, checkmarks, text, Today’s Date, or the Signer’s Name. Once you are satisfied, click the green Save & Continue button.

8. Click the Annotation Tools buttons to turn on or off.
Annotation tools allow your customers to fill out or modify the document before connecting to a notary agent. By disabling this feature, customers will only be allowed to annotate during a meeting with the notary. *Note that the Notarization tool must be turned on for at least one document.

9. [Recommended] You may choose to add a Note to the Customer which will appear in the body of the email sent with the transaction access link. Additionally, you may add an Email Signature.

10. Review your transaction details and double-check for any errors. Once a document is sent, it cannot be changed without cancelling the transaction.
If all the details are correct, click Send Transaction. This will generate and send an email to the customer with a link to the transaction.

Once your signer has completed their session with the notary, you will receive email confirmation with a link to access the documents!

Read more about how to monitor your customer's progress as they interact with your transaction here.

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