The Business Account Management page serves as a dashboard for businesses to manage all the functionality of the Notarize Business Account. Across the top of the Company Overview page, you will see several tabs. Each of the tabs is listed below, along with an explanation of the purpose and function of each. 


The Transactions tab provides an overview of notarial transactions, document status, and a history of transactions. Across the top, you may elect to view data for the week, month, or all time. You’ll also notice a dashboard that records the total number of transactions, amount spent by your company, and the number of documents in various stages. These stages include the following statuses:

  • Sent - Indicates documents that have been sent by you or another employee of the company.
  • Received - Signer has opened the transaction notification email.
  • Rejected - Can be returned for a number of reasons: signer failed knowledge-based authentication or photo ID validation; notary agent terminated the transaction due to a customer, technical, or document issue.
  • Completed - The notarization has been completed. You may now access the notarized document. 

In the bottom half of the screen, you will see a running list of the notarization transactions with information including the customer name, date, employee, status, and details. If you click on the “Details” link within any individual transaction line, you will be able to see the full transaction details and the document itself. As you view the list of transactions, you may toggle between a view for just you or everyone in the company depending on your role type. 

By clicking on the green “New Transaction” button from this page, you may initiate a new transaction. 


By clicking on the “Employees” tab from the top menu bar, you will be taken to a screen where you may select “Add a New Employee.” This will enable you to add team members who may start their own transactions. On the Employees page, you will see a list of the team members within the organization who have been invited to Notarize, including the employee’s name, role, and status. 

The roles include:

  • Owner - The administrator of the account. We currently support only one owner per business account. Owners have elevated privileges: they can add and remove employees, access all employees’ transactions, and add and remove document templates.
  • Employee - Employees can create and send transactions, access all employee transactions, and add/remove templates. Employees cannot see aggregated transaction analytics on the dashboard or add/remove other employees.

Employee Statuses include: 

  • Enabled - Account access is active
  • Pending - The account invitation has not yet been accepted by the receiving party.
  • Disabled - Employee can no longer access their account. 

By clicking on the “account” link to the right of each employee, you may view their respective account details. The “transactions” link will provide you with a record of all transactions initiated by the specific employee. 


Clicking the “Templates” tab in the top menu bar allows you to create templates for use within your organization. That makes it easy for you and your employees to send standard documents to customers for notarization. To get started, click on the “Create New Template” button. You will have the opportunity to rename the file you’ve selected before selecting “Add Template.”

You may visit this page at any time to view your templates or to create a new template. If you ever wish to delete the template, hover over the file size to the right of the document name. A “delete” button will appear. Select “delete” if you wish to remove the template from your list of available templates. 

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