Once your document is notarized, you will be granted access to  the following


  • This is your notarized document, including the digital seal.

 Verification Instructions

  • This is a page that contains the necessary information for the receiving party to verify the transaction. Important information includes:
  •       Notarize ID
  •       Access Pin

 State Legal Info

  • A link to our web page outlining the laws governing online notarization in the state where you document(s) is intended for use. 

If you are the recipient of the document: 

To verify a notary transaction you may use this tool. You will need to provide the following pieces of information which should be provided by the signer of the document. 

  • Notarize ID
  • Access Pin

Once you’ve provided this information, you may click the “RETRIEVE DOCUMENT” button. You may then view the following resources:

  • Completed Documents (Ability to Download a PDF)
  • Notarization Details
  • Meeting Info

*More information and other tools are available here. 

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