We charge $25 for each notarization, which includes the fee for the notarial act and for use of our platform and services.

Virginia Code Sec. 47.1-19(B) provides that a notary may charge an amount not to exceed $25 for a notarial act, including "for taking and certifying the acknowledgement of any electronic document, or administering and certifying an oath or affirmation, or certifying electronic affidavits and depositions of witnesses, or certifying that a copy of an electronic document is a true copy thereof.”

Notarize total fee of $25 applies to each notarial act. The fee covers all the costs of the various parts of the remote electronic notarial process: The notary’s time, seal and x.509 certificate, along with all the various software and services provided by our platform, including the identity validation process, the audio-video connection and recording, and the secure electronic record-keeping and storage features of the site.  

If a customer requires more than one notarial act (such as multiple acknowledgments, etc.) the fee is $25 per seal.  We have clients with a high volume of transactions, and if you fall into that category and would like to discuss our volume-based pricing more thoroughly, please let us know by emailing partnerships@notarize.com.

If Notarize is unable to notarize a particular document, you will not be charged. Notarize will only charge clients the $25 fee per successful notarization. If we are unable to process any document, the session will be terminated without cost to the client. However, the primary cost of operating our service is our agents’ time. To prevent abuse of the system, any intentional disruption of our agent’s time or workflow will result in a full charge.

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