If your document must be signed by more than one person, you may use Notarize by completing separate transactions for each signer. Each signer should register for Notarize and upload an unsigned copy of their document to the service. When complete, you will have separately notarized documents that you may then submit to the receiving institution.  Generally, this is an acceptable means to have multiple signers or witnesses complete a document being notarized, however, we encourage you to check with your intended recipient to confirm.  

We will gladly refund transaction costs that exceed the cost of the seal(s) ($25.00 per seal) when you provide us with the email addresses used for the transactions.

As an improvement to our platform, we are working on a solution to support concurrent signatures from more than one person and will have updates to share soon. To follow our progress, please read our blog or follow us on Twitter at @Notarize.

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