Internet Connection Speed:

While both Wi-Fi and cellular data may be used, whenever possible, a strong WIFI connection is ideal.

Notarize requires a reliable internet connection in order to successfully complete a notarization. We require that you have consistent download speeds of 5 Mbps and upload speed of 3 Mbps.

You may use this tool to test your internet speed from your iOS device. 

Camera & Microphone: 

To allow camera and microphone access:

  • Ensure you have downloaded the Notarize app from the App Store.
  • From your phone home screen, click on the Settings app (the gear icon) 
  • Scroll down until you reach the Notarize app. Select the Notarize app. 
  • Ensure that the switch to the right of Location, Microphone, and Camera all appear green. If they are completely white, a single click on the switch will turn the function on (green).
  • Click the home button to return to your home screen. You may now return to the Notarize app. 


Notarize requires Location access as an additional security measure. 

Give Notarize permission to use your Location
The first time the Notarize app tries to access your location, it will ask for your permission. Select “Allow” in the lower right corner of the box that appears on your screen.

Turning Location Services on or off
Location Services must be on in order to use Notarize. 

You can turn Location Services on or off at Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can turn Location Services on either during the Setup Assistant process or later through the Location Services setting. You can individually control which apps and system services have access to Location Services data. When Location Services are off, apps can't use your location in the foreground or background. This will limit the performance of various apps, including Notarize.

*More information can be found here.

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