Accessing Your Document

Via Computer:

You may access your document by following these instructions:

  • On the “Your Documents” page, you will see your completed document. Select "view" to the right of the document you'd like to share.
  • Click the "Share All" icon at the bottom of the window. A tab will open above the link, prompting you to send the document via email. 
  • Enter the recipients email and select "Share Documents". You have now successfully shared your document!
  • The recipient will receive an email with a link to your document and instructions on how to view the completed document. 

Via iOS Device: 

You may access your document by logging into your account and following these

  • Navigate to the “Your Documents Page” if you are not already on the page
  • Select your completed document.
  • Tap the share icon at the top of the Details screen.
  • You will be given the sharing options below in addition to the option of uploading your document to your Dropbox account. Select your preferred method of sharing. 

Sharing Options:

Send via Email

You will see a box appear in which you may enter the intended recipient’s email address. Please enter the recipient’s email address and then select “Send Document”. The recipient will receive instructions for accessing your document at our secure verification site.

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